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WWW adspend leapfrogs TV at last

Recent reports from the IAB indicate that Internet ad spend has overtaken TV for the first time with online now has accounting for 23.5% compared to TV's 21.9%.

Big news in itself, but it also appears that total UK spend fell by £1.5bn in the first half of 2009, compared with the same period last year...

It's likely that advertisers as a whole are looking for quicker and more accountable ways to spend their budgets but it's unlikely that this alone will have had such a marked effect.

What's likely is that rather than the larger advertisers reducing TV spend, this sway is in fact down to the huge number of small businesses who would never spend ad budget on TV venturing into online advertising through Google and Facebook's CPC programs.

While as a digital marketer I couldn't be happier, does this mean that TV programmes are going to get worse?

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