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Why quality content on your website matters!


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As a new business starting to build your online presence, you think about setting up a website. You pay someone to create an amazing website and expect people to just find you. No. That’s never going to happen unless you focus on consistent search engine optimization and great content! Where blogging and writing short articles was more of a fad couple of years ago, marketers and businesses who know the importance of good quality content, swear by it. It is what content marketing strategy is all about!

Here are some great pointers for you to think about:

Think inbound rather than outbound:

With the changing dynamics of the marketing industry, it is not about going out into the market and trying to find someone who will buy your product. In fact, now it’s more about luring your audience to you and let them see what you have to say. Content marketing strategy is a vital part of inbound marketing. HubSpot used a great analogy that I loved:

“Inbound marketing is like dating ...

You don't ask someone to marry you on the first date. People get kind of freaked out when you do that. You get to know each other first, then introduce the friends, then the family, and then, once you know the whole package looks good, you put a ring on it.”

Writing great content means you are showing your target audience you are well-informed, willing to share information and give a human face to your brand. You are not a website full of corporate jargon out to take people’s money. With rich and interesting content you attract your readers to your website and give them an opportunity to whet you out. Writing engaging and quality content is one way to achieve that.

Focus on keywords and work around that:

When you’re writing a blog piece, take into account it will rank on the search engines as soon as it is published. As much you love writing, you also want to be found for your work so someone will read it. Where it will rank depends on the keywords you include on your website and who they are targeted towards. Search engine optimization relies heavily on keywords therefore make sure your content uses keywords that are relevant to your audience and such that will get you found.

Unleash your inner writer:

The content you write should be engaging, valuable to the reader and should keep your audience engrossed or at least interested till the last sentence. Think of the last book you picked up and quickly put down again. What put you off? The writing style? Lack of story? Once you have written an article or blog piece, get a friend to read it and critique it.

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Incorporate visual content:

There is a popular adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words". ROI Research did a survey on “Participant Behaviour and Social Engagement” and they found that users are most likely to engage through a picture. If you just write a long blog piece with lots of text, chances are it will sound more like a text book and your reader will switch off. Throw in relevant visual content that translates the feel of your blog piece, and you’ve already engaged your reader enough for them to continue reading what you’ve written.

Consistency is key:

Writing your first blog piece is similar to planting a seed for a fruit bearing tree. Everyday you need to water it, take care of it, trim it when necessary and maintain the process until it bears fruit that you can enjoy. It is a consistent effort. Similarly, writing one blog piece and see that reap benefits for your website would not do. You need to be consistent and write good quality blog pieces/articles over a period of time before you garner enough following and interest from your target audience.

Give a little extra!

By writing blog pieces/articles on your website, you are imparting valuable information to your readers through your wealth of experience. If you’ve managed to create an eBook or a How-To guide (like our social media eBook below), why not throw that in for your readers to download? It’s always great to get something extra that’s of value.

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