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Why More PR Agencies Need To Be On Linkedin

As a PR company, how do you reach out to similar businesses in your industry? Do you have a little black book that has all the names of your contacts you met at a networking event? Or even, how do you approach your clients? Do you rely on cold calling or only rely on people contacting you?

Are there any other ways you interact with your local industry? Perhaps go to seminars, monthly or quarterly meet-ups? How about if you had a tap on the global market and knew what was happening in your industry on a global level? Even better, how about if you shared content that other professional people would love to read?

Linkedin makes business networking easy

The answer is Linkedin. You obviously would have heard about it and you might even have a personal account on there. After all, it is the go-to site for professional networking. Founded in Dec, 2002 and launched in May 2003, it has fast become the leader in its game. It gives you a chance to connect to people within your chosen industry or even people you have met randomly. Instead of accumulating stacks of business cards, you can now add all those people in your list of connections.

As a PR agency, there is an immense potential in having a company profile on Linkedin and being able to connect to similar companies on a global level because no one knows better than you- it’s all about networking.This social network makes it easy to find potential employees and customers as well as seek industry-specific advice. Along with posting jobs to your company page, you can also pose questions for the community to answer and get valuable industry insight. In our eBook, we mention the importance of being present on a social networking site like Linkedin and how it can do wonders for your business. It has matured into a tool that can help you build your business further and even get more clients.

Your introduction to the world:

• Highlight company’s purpose and products

• Announce job openings

• Boost status with auto-updates

• Publicize recent tweets and blog posts

• View recent company activity (like new hires)


In addition to a company page, LinkedIn also allows you to create Groups. The great thing about Groups is that as a key player in your industry, you can join groups as well as post industry related questions. You can partake in discussions that might give you industry insight into a research you may be doing for a client or looking to see if anyone else in your industry can offer you advice for a project you may need more information on. You end up giving your company and your clients a global voice that is regarded among your peers in the industry. (Download our eBook for easy-to-follow instructions on how to create Groups. Link provided below)


As of March 2011, Linkedin had over 100 million activated accounts. That figure has now doubled as of January 2013. So over 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories. The potential of milking this platform for your benefit is unfathomable. If you have not thought about Linkedin as a viable business opportunity- GET ON IT! It is a great way to publish company updates, demonstrate company specialisms and have a voice within the digital realm. You have an option of sharing what your company is tweeting about, any new products your company has helped launch, any company videos you want other companies on Linkedin to see- anything that will be of interest to your readers that is not just “sell, sell, sell”.

Now you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to get your message across on a global level. You have cost efficient platforms like Linkedin who can help you achieve that.

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