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What’s Next? Optimising For Local Search By Voice

Of course we all watched the forecasts of how demand for mobile devices was going to overtake that of desktop computers. This has fulfilled as predicted and now that the introduction of Apple’s Siri has changed the game plan when it comes to search and has shown how easy it can be for consumers to find local businesses on the go.

google chrome voice activated search service

The question that comes to mind now is how does this affect SEO and local SEO? The challenge for practitioners of this marketing method is going to be how to use keywords so that consumers will get their needs met (and your business to the top) with a variety of different search terms. Some will be short but other searchers are likely to use longer terms.

voice search service by Siri

However, here at Vie Digital we are aware that the algorithm will not change much, if at all. The way that voice search works is by converting the spoken words into text that is then used for search. Just as it would be if it were written. However, as time goes by there is going to be the potential for a machine to ‘understand’ these words and change them into another or even several interpretations. This is where it could get a little more challenging.

It’s going to be necessary for search engine optimisers to prepare for several potential outcomes as opposed to just one individual one. However, you can take a breath in the meantime as although computers are clever, they are still unable to operate at the same level as human brains. In the meantime, it’s prudent for those seeking good local search rankings to consider doing the following:

  • Use more synonyms in content
  • Gather more positive reviews on popular review sites
  • Add more focus to long tail keywords that are currently performing well

Business owners are also advised to watch out for the latest industry, Voice Search Optimisation or VSOP. Watch this space and we’ll keep you informed about developments.

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