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6 Top Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly

The mobile internet is somewhat still in its infancy and this is the prime time to jump on board and get ahead of the pack.

mobile friendly websites on different devices

Many good web design companies should give you an option to convert your website into a mobile-friendly version so that your business is presented well when looked on a mobile device. As with anything, you often get what you pay for and this industry is no different. Mobile conversions can be done expensively or cheaply, and there is generally a significant difference in quality between both.

6 Reasons Why Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

1. Google Ranks Mobile Content Separately Too

Yes, that's right. There is a separate index for mobile content all on its own. That means there is a brand-new SEO index to try to dominate, and you are not up against websites/competition that have perhaps a decade of SEO work behind them. This is fresh ground for you to cover. Even large companies are just beginning to understand the importance of a separate Smartphone friendly site. Only a very small percentage of the top online retailers actually have a mobile site at the moment.

2. More Sales

Despite the majority of purchases still being made on a desktop, it might surprise you to know that - over $1.6 billion was spent via mobile purchases in 2009 - so think what it will be now! These sales are set to grow and grow as our habits of searching the Internet change.

3. See It Better

mobile website vs normal website

If you have ever been on a website where you needed to scroll sideways to see the whole page - you know how frustrating this can be. Unfortunately, most sites appear this way on a mobile device. A potential customer can quickly lose patience and click over to a competitor. A mobile-version of your website is simplified to fit on the one screen of a phone and still provide your customer with everything they need to know.

4. Mobile Vs Desktop

It won't be too long now before the mobile web over-takes the desktop in terms of number of users, searches and purchases. People are no longer afraid to make purchases with their phones so this market is really opening up. A few experts are even predicting that next year could be the year purchases from mobiles finally overtake those carried out on desktops and laptops.

5. Mobile Domination

There are over two billion mobile users globally. That is one huge market place that you are missing out on if your site hasn’t been optimised correctly.

6. A Good Mobile Site - Against The Competition

So what makes a good mobile site? Simplicity. Remember your audience may be viewing your site whilst sitting on the bus or on a bench on a lunch break, in fact, there are a million other possibilities. They don't want to be struggling to read and navigate your mobile site as they will likely be multi-tasking. As a result, it is paramount that you create a site that simple with a nice fresh look and feel whilst also providing easy navigation. The more options, products that you can then fit into the mobile site without sacrificing this simplicity - the better. The viewer still wants to feel like they are not missing out on too much that your main desktop site offers.

If you want to discuss your website needs further and how you can make it mobile- give us a shout!

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