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The web marketing opportunity for bricks & mortar businesses

Ebay's recently published Online Business Index Autumn 2009 report has revealed that 79% of small high street retailers believed the introduction of online trade had helped save their business.


Their OBI report suggests that small high street retail businesses are able to match and even beat the performance of other online firms when they set up on the internet and that shops perform at least as strongly as other online businesses on sales, prices and profit margins.

The report’s findings show that, far from being threatened by the rise of online shopping, high street shops are able to compete on a level playing field if they branch out online.

Far from undermining the high street, the online economy is increasingly propping up struggling bricks & mortar businesses.

Entrepreneurial high street retailers are joining savvy online entrepreneurs by setting up their businesses online to support their offline income. In fact half of all online businesses also have a bricks & mortar presence, with 80% seeing an online presence as making their offline business more sustainable.

So what are the web marketing opportunities for your business?

The opportunity online is for retail and service-based businesses alike.

1. Reach new customers

Having a traditional bricks & mortar shop can limit your customer base to a particular geographic location.

Going online escapes all the usual confines of location and allows retailers and service providers to attract customers in other towns, counties and even countries!

2. Reach & engage with your existing client base online

Your existing customers are online.

This means that they are susceptible to your competitors in that space, including online-only competition as well as bricks & mortar operators.

By engaging with your customers via digital channels including a website, email and social networks such as Facebook you can build your brand and ensure that you are front of mind when they are looking to buy.

In these uncertain times when better than now to explore the online opportunity?

The digital channels can quickly and easily help you to engage with existing customers while attracting new customers and it's being proven again and again every day.

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