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Successful Blogs: 5 Key Elements

The measure of successful blogs is that they maintain and build a return audience. At its very core, the successful blog is one that has great content that engages and informs readers.

It also makes them feel at home and comfortable as it’s easy to find good content and satisfy their thirst for knowledge in that particular topic.

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Here are 5 elements that every successful blog needs in order to retain and build a larger audience:


It’s vital to understand who your market is and then to deliver to them. This can be approached by developing a well put together content plan. If you can meet the needs of the people who find your site to answer their questions and satisfy their curiosity about what they’re interested in, then you’ll be on your way to build a community of return visitors.


Entertaining doesn’t have to be too difficult. You just need to allow your personality to show. Basically it comes down to writing authentically as nobody else can do ‘you’ as well as you. Perhaps you deliver insight in a quirky but highly appealing manner.text image of blog


If you feel that all your topics have already been covered, then that’s not a problem. You can still bring in intrigue and engage your readers by providing content that approaches those same topics from a fresh angle. Give them something to think about and grow.


Usefulness might not be the right word here, it may even be value. Blogs should be written with the goal of getting the reader to read the very next line. Providing lists that haven’t been written before is a great way to deliver value, as is giving unique opinions, tools and infographics.


Enable comments so that you can build a community. It’s a place for people to express themselves, enjoy the ‘social aspect’ of your blog and enjoy the general warmth of your website. It will give them a reason to return.

Of course, maintaining a blog can take an investment in terms of effort, time and patience but the rewards make it well worth it. It can be an unlikely route to building one of Google’s favourite types of sites – an authority blog.

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