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PR and your Social Media presence: don’t be a needle in a haystack!

You may be a PR agency that is just starting out or one that is on its way to establishing its presence. Whatever stage you are at, the power of social media is undeniable and one that should be adopted with open arms.

Ever since the online bubble burst, brands and companies have been scrambling to get a piece of the cake. Being a PR agency, the most important factor is to keep your client in the public eye-for all the right reasons, of course. At Vie Digital, we believe there is more that you can do for your clients and our eBook, “The essential guide to promoting your business on social media” helps you focus on some key things that you could do i.e. what social media platforms to adopt and how you can increase your clients’ foothold using such platforms.

People are increasingly going online to do their own research and have a more informed opinion of their own. As mentioned in our eBook, 78% of people turn to the internet to conduct product searches where as 46% of all searches are to do with products or services. So why, as a PR agency, would you miss such an important piece of the market share? You could be using your presence in the social media stratosphere to direct people to your clients’ websites and optimize your online marketing tactics accordingly to filter in the right kind of traffic. Traffic that will generate leads for your clients.


Social Media Platforms


So the most important question is-How do you make your presence felt? What digital strategies have you implemented that puts your client at the forefront and generates the leads for them? Take yourself as the consumer for a second. Where do you go when you search for a product? What online tool do you refer to, to see what other consumers are saying? While social media is invaluable to the marketing mix, the staggering rise of social networking sites means you have to sift through and choose which one will work for you.You have to know your market and know where your clients’ consumers are before you choose what social networking tool you will invest your time in rather than have a “me-too” approach and simply jump on the bandwagon.


Social Media Bangwagon


In our eBook, we have determined four social networking tools that have been widely recognized and continue to be used, namely:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • YouTube

Each social networking site has its merits and used in conjunction with your marketing strategy, can do wonders for your clients (discussed under the “Where to Be Present” section of our eBook). Each tool lets you interact with your audience in real time with the Pages feature in Facebook to followers who follow your tweets on Twitter. You also get to interact with likeminded business contacts and network withpeople in the same industry via Linkedin where as YouTube would let you broadcast your client’s message in video format to the whole world.

Once you determine what social networking site will work best for your client, you can start working on making your presence felt in those channels. The question is, how do you go about it? You can’t be too wordy as you don’t want to feel like you’re lecturing your audience. You need to be fun with less of the corporate jargon and finding more interactive ways of engaging your audience. What you don’t want is, your audience to glaze over your clients’ messages. Less of “bla blas” and more action.


PR and your Social Media presence: don’t be a needle in a haystack!


How do you achieve that? How do you build a loyal following? You have to invest your time in interacting with your audience, share information, acknowledge their contributions, create a community and above all-be consistent. Some of the fun ways to achieve that is through images, videos, blog posts and even podcasts. Being on different social media platforms means you can do more cross promotion hence more publicity for your clients which generates more leads and in turn more revenue-our end goal...and then the cycle starts again.

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