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Online marketing recap for 2013

As far as marketing trends goes, 2013 is a year that has seen a string of new techniques and a resurgence of old techniques as well. In this short guide, we will explore an online marketing recap for 2013.

Content marketing

content is king

Due to Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, the Google Algorhythm updates, content marketing has really taken off in 2013. Valuable, keyword rich content has become more important than ever and as an article can be shared with the click of a button on social media platforms, the value it can have is huge.

Social media marketing

While by no means new to 2013, social media marketing has taken off in a way that even Mark Zuckerberg would not have thought possible. There are a number of different ways that it can now be utilised to bring in targeted traffic for a competitive price.

Developments like Twitter Ads and improvements to Facebook's marketing platform have allowed SMEs to take advantage of these systems without having to have access to five or even four-figure marketing budgets.

Image based social media platforms

In 2013, image based social media platforms like SnapChat and Pinterest really came to the surface. While they were both developed in 2011 and 2010 respectively, 2013 was a year neither of those platforms will forget.

A number of companies, like the cosmetic company NARS, have taken advantage of the image based platforms to advertise their products successfully in 2013. Therefore, having a recap without including image based social media would almost be criminal!

NARS on Twitter

Less has become more


look at me

These methods have almost become obsolete in 2013. Everybody became aware that any advertisement that was trying to draw too much attention to itself was more than likely not worth looking at. Therefore, 2013 was the year where online marketing campaigns dialled it down a bit.

Online marketing is rife, wherever you look on the Internet. Therefore, a number of companies have made an effort to tone down their campaigns in 2013. Clean, aesthetically pleasing sites were the new trend in 2013.

Above, are just four of the main marketing trends that we all saw in 2013. 2014 is likely to bring a number of different changes, most of which are not even in the pipeline in December 2013. Therefore, get ready for another year of excitement.

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