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New look Facebook but does it cut the mustard for marketers?


Well a new-look Facebook is upon us. Seems like their last update was only a few months back, but maybe time's moving faster than I realise!

On initial impressions it seems a little more user friendly, with the recent activity stuff all neatly in the top left of the page, and the less-frequently used (but nonetheless important) account info on the right.

The newsfeed, messages, events, photos and other primary features are all easily accessible too, with the secondary stuff (apps, games, etc.) further down the left hand side.

There's even a nice on-page skype/messenger-style "Friends Online" feature.

Ads still sit on the right hand side, as do suggestions and events.

Well, it's all looking good from a user point of view but, from an agency perspective, where's the value-add?

For a start I'd love to be able to move the "Ads & Pages" bookmark out of the depths and up to my top links.

I for one run multiple Facebook Pages and Facebook Ad campaigns for a number of clients so (as this is Facebook's main revenue stream) when is this going to become easier to use? When will we be able to separate clients so that we can more easily manage the invoicing side of things?

And finally, when will we be able to set up standalone company accounts to not only separate personal and business activity but also to enable multiple users to manage the account?

Some help for us poor, poor online marketers Facebook, please...

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