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Marketing opportunities for businesses through social networking

While it has been around for a while now, social media is still the powerhouse when it comes to online marketing opportunities.

Latest figures suggest as much as one in four people are on a social media site, and when you take into account that many of those who are not on social media will not be part of your demographic, that figure becomes even more impressive.

There’s much more on offer than Facebook and Twitter

While still the two largest social media sites, many companies have moved on to newer pastures to take advantage of different marketing opportunities that allow them to showcase what they do better.

Recently, NARS Cosmetics, a leading makeup and skin care store ran a highly successful campaign on SnapChat. SnapChat is one of the newest social networking sites that allows you to upload images or a short video to their site. The platform allowed the brand to release images every day to build interest. With more than 350 million Snaps created a day this is a network that has taken the market by storm and shows no sign of slowing down.

NARS on SnapChat

NARS tweet about SnapChat


Competitions are a great way to grow

It does not matter if you are a new or existing company, there is, and always has been a huge demand for competitions. Using only Twitter and Facebook for your competition is the best idea, and can allow you to make an ‘overnight’ impact on social networking sites.

With the above in mind, it is important that you take the time to look over the conditions set out by the social media sites before running a competition so you do not break any rules.

Companies marketing opportunities

In order to capitalise on the amount of targeted traffic the main sites can drive to your business page, the major social networking sites have their own advertising platforms that allow you to reach a huge number of people for a great price.

While there are several very popular social networking sites currently available along with hundreds of those trying to break through it is imperative that you, as a business, only utilise the three or four most beneficial platforms.

A strong presence on three or four platforms is much better than a few posts every so often on smaller platforms. Let us help you expand the reach of your business online!

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