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Legitimately increase page impressions to increase ad revenue


If you're managing a blog or even a media website, chances are you're being funded by advertising revenue. If so, the metric that the majority of advertisers are interested in is your number of Page Impressions.

Here are 9 proven, white hat ways to help you boost your Page Impressions, increase advertising revenue from existing advertisers and make you more attractive to potential advertisers.

1. Keep your content fresh

Regularly post new articles related to your niche to help attract more visitors

2. Write quality content!

If you write quality content your readers will want more of the same. Anything useful, original and interesting should boost interest and, with interest comes more traffic and more page impressions.

3. Add keyword links to related articles

Add links on important keywords to link them with other related articles. This can be done on a keyword basis or even via categories of articles. List out categories next to your articles to let visitors know there’s more for them to read.

4. Display popular & random posts

Create "popular" and "random" post lists and add links to previous articles to encourage visitors to view articles, and therefore generate more page impressions.

5. Write articles in multi-part

Create articles containing multiple parts (even as a series) and include links on each part to create connections between them.

6. Include links on your social websites profiles

Share links to your website or blog on Facebook, Twitter and other websites & forums to generate traffic, and page impressions.

7. Use email updates

Use email marketing to keep your website visitors updated with the latest articles and news and also include links to specific pages and articles

8. Back-links

Get more backlinks to your site by submitting the site URL in bookmarking sites such as Delicious, and submitting articles with backlinks to your site on social sites like Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Mixx etc, participating in discussion forums and exchanging links

9. Excerpts on main pages

Include excerpts or precis from your articles on key pages of your site, such as your Home page.

10. Search Function

Include a search feature to help users to search using keywords. This will help readers locate other posts on your site and therefore increase the potential for multiple page views per visit.

Have you had success with any other (white hat) methods in the past? I'd love to hear your thoughts here or get in touch via www.viedigital.com.

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