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Is your retail business missing out on social media?

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A recent article on Brand Republic revealed that 60% of retailers do not have any kind of social media presence.

The study of 100 UK retailers suggests that retailers are missing a huge opportunity to boost sales and generate loyalty through social media.

For those using social media, Twitter has taken over from Facebook as the social media platform of choice despite Facebook having a considerably larger user base.

Retailers using Twitter were mainly using it for push marketing with 73% using it for announcing product updates, 62% for marketing and 58% to promote company news.

Blogging proved least popular with 8% of retailers including a blog on their website, while only 6% were using other social media channels such as YouTube and Flickr.

People (i.e. potential customers) want to be engaged with, not just shouted at.

They want added value relationships not just sales banter.

They want to interact on their terms and in their space.

It's not so much redrawing the rules, it's really about going back to 'Marketing 101' and getting out there to find out where your customers are, what they are looking for, what they want to hear and how often.

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