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Is Facebook missing a Twitter trick?

It would appear that www.Facebook.com has opted to spend a chunk of its VC money on refreshing the home page.

The new features include filters that enable you to stay updated on what the friends you care about are posting. Create your own filters using Friend Lists. You can also filter by applications, like Photos. The stream area shows you all the posts from your friends in real-time, keeping you up to date on everything that's happening. And the Publisher area enables you to publish your status, photos, notes and more into the stream which in turn show up both in your Profile, and on your friends' home pages.

Despite all this new functionality surely Facebook are missing a trick here...?

Why haven't they included the ability to post your "What's on your mind" status on other social media channels?

With the existing ability to post your status updates via mobile, much the same as you can on Twitter, perhaps they could look to nip this 'upstart' in the bud.

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