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How the hell do I write blogs for search marketing & social?

Aaaaarrggh! You are a small business owner with a website that is responsible for either sales or generating interest in your business. Everyone keeps on telling you that Pandas and Penguins mean you have to write a blog, otherwise Google won't like your site!


Panic sets in…..

What will I write about? Who is going to be interested in what I have to say? What the bloody hell is a blog? *

(* To be fair if you don’t know this one then you could be in trouble!)

Well, first things first. Forget about the Pandas and Penguins as these were set up to punish abusers of Googles algorithms. These abusers were people who stuffed “keywords” into blogs or content on their site and people who built up links to their site unnaturally.

For example, lets say they were trying to be found for the following keyword “olive”, they might have put a sentence in that read like “eating olives under an olive tree off an olive board is a true olive experience that one can only find in olive country” – (actually I quite like that sentence!  But you get what I mean…).

This wouldnt be a really bad sentence for a site selling olives but what if this was written on a site that has nothing to do with olives but selling holidays for example?

This method has annoyed the general public (and therefore Google) as they were finding it harder and harder to find what they were actually looking for, so the new algorithims are intended to cut out this abuse.

So, all the experts (including us, I might add) say “you must create original and interesting content!”, and that’s all fair and good but what the hell do you write about?

What do people want to read about?

Well, to start I think people want to read something about the personality of your company, this is your opportunity to give a face to your business.

Imagine you were about to write a speech in front of thousands of people, would you be completely serious or totally comical?

I can't answer that for you but the point is, is that it is up to you to find the right tone for the particular subject you are talking about.

Think of your target audience and try and imagine what they would be interested to know about your business, it could be something geeky and in depth, or just plain comical about some of your staff (with their permission of course)!

My own method is this - imagine you are in a pub or bar with a couple of important prospective clients. What would you do? You would find some sort of story to explain a process or some aspect of your business that made them laugh or made them think positively about your company, this same process can be applied to blog writing.

Think of a couple of things when it comes to blog writing, what message are you trying to convey and what personality can you give your business.

Think about what makes you stand out  from your competitors and then dont be afraid to shout it out from the top of your cliff (blog) top!

For example I believe that here at Vie Digital we are uniquely adaptable and flexible and we have the intelligence to truly get to grips with issues that different online businesses face these days. We are acutely aware that there is not a "one size fits all" answer and we are perfectly placed to give an interesting viewpoint of your business.

Well, it works for me…… and hopefully this well get you started in writing interesting blogs!!

What do you use to inspire you?

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