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Ho Ho Ho - a very clickety clickmas!

jb funkychristmas


Why, in this day and age of advanced search engine marketing, is it so difficult to shop for a specific branded product online?

It's christmas and I'm shopping online (of course).

I'm looking for a set of nike running weights for my significantly-more-active-than-me girlfriend.

While a load of results appear for "nike running weights" in the uk, my subsequent clicks take me to all sorts of sports-related websites but not one of the landing pages I arrive on takes me to a product-specific page. many of them didn't even give me a category-related page to land on!

What's going on?

Surely pay-per-clickers by now have evolved to appreciate that it's not just about how much you want to pay per click and the quality of your advert itself - it's about the quality of the landing page. this must be costing them a fortune!

PPC marketing aside, the piece de resistance of my search was the nike shopping experience itself. surely I would easily be able to find the required product within that magical 3-click rule?

Hell no!

Here's the sequence of events I went through from arrival at http://www.nike.com/...

1. specify language (click!)
2. specify location (click!)
3. select "shop"
4. select "women"
5. specify language again (click!)
6. specify location again (click!)
7. go to shop / women / running (click!)
8. select "equipment"
9. no response!
10. search for "weights" - no results
11. leave the site

Hardly the ideal customer journey is it? looks like I'll be off to westfield tonight...

bah humbug.

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