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Google's search wiki-mystery

you may have already noticed a few new features on your google search engine results.

google search wiki 1

The key features of the new google search wiki are:

1. sites you always go to that don't feature at the top of your SERP can be moved to the top

2. if a site doesn't appear in results you can add it

3. if a site does appear in results that you don't want, then you can delete it

4. you can add notes to any result about what you found on that site and why you thought it was useful

For now at least, any changes you make or comments that you add won't make any difference to anyone else's results (or yours unless you're logged in) so, while this is an interesting development, I find myself asking "why?"

In particular:

1. why would you be searching for a site you always use - surely by now we've all learnt to bookmark?

2. why go through the process of adding a site to google that would be easier to add to your favourites?

3. why remove a site from your search results (how often do you make the same search?)?

4. there may be some benefits to this but perhaps I'm too skeptical about the previous 3 points to warrant spending too much time thinking about it?
these queries are of course taking this new functionality at face value, but what if things are not quite as they seem?

Looking ahead these new features suggest that:

a) google wants to monitor what you are looking for and what you feel is more important, and

b) google is exploring human-edited collaborative search results, and looking to add weight to those deemed more important by its actual users (similar to DMOZ.org but on a significantly larger scale and with no section editors)...

If these assumptions are correct then we're looking at a whole new chapter in search marketing.

With google looking for new ways to get the best sites up to the top of the the list, how might this affect 'established' search engine optimisation practices?

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