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Goodsie. The quick & easy e-commerce web shop!

Are you looking for the next step to owning your own e-commerce site but know nothing about building a website- let alone create one that will let you sell your products!? Almost all the money you had for your start-up has been used up and you have barely enough funds to pay someone to create an e-commerce site for you. What do you do in this situation? This is the same situation you and numerous other entrepreneurs have been in, time and again.

But just like some genius who thought of Wordpress, a great blogging platform for beginners, another thought of creating a similar e-commerce platform, called Goodsie, for budding entrepreneurs that requires no HTML coding at all! It’s a great entry level e-commerce solution. Another plus is it can be easily integrated into your Facebook business page. All it requires is you to create an account and follow 5 simple steps and you can make your own custom built e-commerce site.

So first things first. What does it cost? Nothing for the first 30 days as you can go for the free trial to see if Goodsie is the right choice for your goods. If you love it, you have two options: Standard option for $15/month and a Premium option for $40/month.

Here’s what you get regardless of the standard or premium option.

Goodsie standard and premium account options


For an extra $25/month you get the following perks in a premium membership:

Goodsie premium account perks


We suggest going for the free trial to see whether this platform is for you. It’s a great way to test the site without any commitment or money paid!

Goodsie Free Trial option

As a bonus, we are happy to give you a special offer! If you go to http://vdg.tl/goodsie-deal and use the code 'digital' you'll get 2 months free trial (usually 1). Now don’t say we didn’t do anything nice for you!

You’ve taken up the free trial or chosen one of the paid memberships, what next?

Here are the 5 steps to your very own e-store!

Step 1: Select your store layout

The layout is important to portray your products in the best possible way and draw in your buyers. There is a good selection to choose from and you can even look at example sites.


Goodsie store layout options

Step 2: Choose Product Options

Once you’ve decided on the layout, it’s time to choose how your products will be displayed on the site. You get to choose the image size, border, margin and myriad of other options to make this site your own!

Goodsie Product Options


Step 3: Choose some good-looking font

There are around 220 fonts to choose from. Suffice to say, you’ll definitely find one that will work for your site!

Goodsie Font Options

Step 4: Colour it in!

So far, you’ve chosen the layout, the product placement and the font. Now it’s time to add some colour in. You could either choose colour that are an extension of your brand logo or you can mix it up with some colour palettes that will make your products stand out.


Goodsie Colour Options

Step 5: Customize with your own Brand Logo and Background

Put the final seal on the website by uploading your brand logo and background. Once that’s all done- you are ready to rock n roll!!

Friends of ours, Eyeseaposters.com, set up their website through Goodsie and it looks quite cool! They’ve even been featured on Goodsie for their simple yet eye-catching design.


Eyeseaposters website made on Goodsie


Check them out at: http://eyeseaposters.com

Browse other great looking e-stores made via Goodsie : https://goodsie.com/discover

Special offer!

Get 2 months free (usually 1 month) by heading over to http://vdg.tl/goodsie-deal and using the code 'digital'.

If you'd like to talk to the professionals about your e-commerce website needs, and how to generate more sales via the web please get in touch today.

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