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Getting to the top of google: pt.8


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The new http://www.jamesvanderzee.co.uk/ website still hasn't been indexed by google but the good news is that my brand republic profile is now up to no. 27!

Could this slight improvement be due to a recent update to that page as a result yesterday's post about a juror being dismissed after posting a facebook poll about their court case?

Could it be the feeds from my blog and others that are featured on my profile?

Interestingly I spotted that while my fashion industry network profile (which was updated on 19th november and also features a couple of 'fresh content' feeds) is now appearing at no.64, but where on earth is my linkedin profile?

Being relatively active on linkedin, with a reasonably complete profile, I would have expected this to be considered significantly more up to date and relevant than any of my other profiles across the www but a closer inspection reveals that my linkedin profile doesn't even appear within the first 600 results!

Is google really giving such little relevance to linkedin and, if so, why?

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