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Getting to the top of google, pt 31.

DAY: 194.
GOOGLE POSITION: 6th (page 1).
another personal best!

  • 6th (and 22nd) my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website (up 3 places);
  • 29th my twitter profile (up 10!);
  • 30th my linkedin profile (down 3);
  • 32nd my james-vanderzee.com website (down 9);
  • 33rd my profile on brandrepublic (up 8);
  • 88th my fashionindustrynetwork profile (up 4);
  • 94th my e-consultancy profile (up 4)
  • 97th my webmarketingmusings blog (down 42 place!);

Profiles appear to be off the agenda again, at least they are today!

Also, there are evidently harsh penalties for neglecting one's blog... a mere 2 weeks offline and it drops a whopping 42 places?!

I've added a few random posts to get things moving again here and made the following
mental note:

When I know I'm going away, schedule some content for posting in the interim, even if it's a simple 'wish you were here'....!

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