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Getting to the top of google, pt. 29.

DAY: 179

The relevance of blogger & twitter (oh and google's playing with profiles)

> 11th (and 84th) my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website (down 3 places)
> 23rd my james-vanderzee.com website (previously awol!)
> 25th my linkedin profile (up 1)
> 37th my twitter profile (up a whopping 29 places)
> 49th my profile on brand republic (no change)
> 54th my web marketing musings blog (down a whopping 27)
> 90th my fashion industry network profile (up 7)
> 97th my e-consultancy profile (up 4)

Off page 1. Boo!

2 weeks of inactivity has dropped jamesvanderzee.co.uk down to 11th (well excuse me for going on holiday!), but what's more worrying is that my google profile has also disappeared... why is that?

Yesterday (May 11 2009), Barry Shwartz of seoroundtable.com reported his profile had gone AWOL but received a post from Joe Kraus at Google declaring the possibility that his name was being caught in their new 'celebrity filter'.

I'm pretty confident that i haven't quite hit celebrity status just yet but it is possible that the fact that i haven't yet verified a non-google email address to relate to my google account could be to blame.

Now this is definitely new, and wasn't part of the original sign up. I also haven't received any notification about this from google, so why the no show AND the lack of notice? Could this be another opportunity for google to grab a bigger bite of the privacy apple?

What's odd is that i've already associated my hotmail address with my gmail account, but anyway, I've (somewhat reluctantly) associated yet another email address so let's see what happens...

Also of interest is the fact that my blog has dropped significantly down the rankings while, on a more positive note, my twitter profile has gained some momentum. Looking at the huge difference over a short period of time it's clear that google holds both of these channels in high regard due to the timely, regular and therefore relevant nature of their usage. It would seem that if channels such as twitter or blogger are both designed to be updated regularly then google expects you to use them accordingly.

Duly noted!

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