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Getting to the top of google, pt.28.

DAY: 166.
GOOGLE POSITION: 8th (yes that's page 1!).

james vanderzee on google first page

Success at last!

> 8th (and 59th) my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website (up 12 places, overnight!)
> 26th my linkedin profile (no change)
> 27th my web marketing musings blog (up 1 place)
> 49th my profile on brand republic (no change)
> 68th my twitter profile (no change)
> 97th my fashion industry network profile (up 1)
> 101st my e-consultancy profile (up 2)
> "awol" my james-vanderzee.com website (last seen at 27th!)

As you can see, overnight success for my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website - up 12 places overnight onto page 1 - great news, particularly after a 5-month slog!

Oddly I haven't made any updates to this site in the last month or so. the only updated content is the dynamic feed from this blog so it could be that the name change on my webmarketingmusings blog has begun to filter through and have a positive effect.

Could it be that we also have witnessed (yet) another google algorithm change?

Whatever the reason I'm over the moon, but we're going to have to keep a close eye on this and see what else google has up its sleeve...

Success at last, but for how long?!

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