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Getting to the top of google, pt. 27.

DAY: 165.

A google profile mystery and twitter out of favour?

> 20th (and 59th) my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website (down 1 place)
> 26th my linkedin profile (up 2)
> 28th my web marketing musings blog (up 24 places!)
> 48th my profile on brand republic (down 6)
> 68th my twitter profile (down a whopping 35 places!)
> 98th my fashion industry network profile (down 4)
> 103rd my e-consultancy profile (down 4)
> unknown* my james-vanderzee.com website (previously 27th

Okay so technically my google profile is still there on page 1 of the google.com search, but interestingly it's only there for people who are signed in.

Could this be a two-pronged approach by google to encourage users to create google accounts both in order to appear on google AND (more fundamentally) in order to enable more advanced features of their search experience?

Whatever the reason this wasn't really an honest part of my seo mission so let's move on, but agree to keep an eye on that!

My web marketing musings blog is clearly this week's best performer. this HAS to be down to the recent addition of "james vanderzee" in the title, coupled with the semi-regular updates. great news.

Also of interest is the fact that my twitter profile has dropped in performance so massively. the fact that I'm perhaps not the most active tweeter in the 'twittosphere' may be in some way to blame for this poor show, but could it also be that google is not giving twitter as much 'seo kudos' as it has been previously?

No suprises why my james-vanderzee.com website, previously performing well, is now off the radar... google had clearly given the site the benefit of the doubt for its recency and the relevance of its domain but, as I haven't actually done anything to the site since launch, it swiftly punished my complacency!

I'm clearly going to have to get on top of that ASAP...

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