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Getting to the top of google, pt. 25.

DAY: 151.

A post-Easter update.

> 16th (and 77th and 113th) my james vanderzee co uk website (no change - and down 39!)
> 29th my james-vanderzee.com website (a new entry - not bad for a site set up only 4 days ago!)
> 37th my linkedin profile (down 3 places)
> 40th my twitter profile (up 3 places - I would have expected this to be a bit higher)
> 42nd my profile on brand republic (down 5 places)
> 60th my fashion industry network profile (down 10 places)
> my web marketing musings blog (previously at 133rd), however, is nowhere to be seen!

Sadly my blog has disappeared off the radar, despite tweaking the title to include my name. now either I've done something wrong here or it's a case of unfortunate timing.

On a brighter note, it's nice to see my new james-vanderzee.com site on google so quickly, particularly as it's doing so well. it does however seem like the majority of my other profiles are struggling a little.

That said, my twitter profile is picking up pace a bit, but I haven't been particularly active on that in recent weeks so I'm going to have to remember to keep on top of that now.

I have high hopes for my james-vanderzee.com site and twitter profile but I'm going to have to keep them regularly updated!

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