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Getting to the top of google, pt. 24.

DAY: 146.

A brief pre-Easter update.

It's been a week now and we're back down to 16th, but the good news is that everything else is on the up!

> 16th (and 38th) my james vanderzee co uk website (down 1 place - and up 12!)
> 27th my linkedin profile (up 3 places)
> 35th my profile on brand republic (up 3 places)
> 43rd my twitter profile (a new entry, keep an eye on this one if last month's tech crunch article is anything to go by)
> 50th my fashion industry network profile (up 38 places, wow!)
> 133rd my webmarketingmusings blog (another new entry)

At last, my blog is there, despite all that great keyword-rich content it's certainly taken a wee while to get this high up the google charts... and my twitter profile is up there too so that's good

Interestingly it looks like blogger doesn't include a meta description so I may be missing a trick here. I've, perhaps somewhat belatedly, tweaked the title to include my name so this should help a little.

In all everything's on the up and I can only assume this is down to the reduction is duplicated content- definitely a lesson learned.

I've also now sorted an appropriate global domain, www.james-vanderzee.com, so my next task is to make an appropriate keyword-rich site - remembering to avoid using any content that I've used before!

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