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Getting to the top of google pt.23

DAY: 139

A series best!

I don't usually post this frequently about progress but I have good reason to:

> 15th (and 50th) my james vanderzee co uk website (up 2 places - and my best performance to date)
> 30th my linkedin profile (down 3 places)
> 38th my profile on brand republic (up 1 place)
> 88th my fashion industry network profile (up 7 places)

A definite improvement on the results in my last post, I'm sure you'll agree.
that said, even though progress is being made, my recently-amended, search engine-friendly twitter profile still hasn't been updated on google and my blog is nowhere to be seen!

I think a little more time is in order before I get me one of those global domains and start looking to generate more links in.

Until then!

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