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Getting to the top of google pt.22

DAY: 137

A quick progress report:

> 17th my james vanderzee co uk website (up 2 places)
> 27th my linkedin profile (up 6 places)
> 39th my profile on brand republic (down 23 places! what's going on there?)
> 95th my fashion industry network profile (down 36 places. again, what's going on there?!)

Still doing ok in the grand scheme of things but my brand republic profile is suffering a little, as is my fashion industry network profile.

But where on earth has my econsultancy profile got to?

And where's James Vanderzee on twitter?

And where's my blog?

Hmm...let's hope this is down to google having not yet indexed my updated profiles.

Before purchasing a global domain and generating any other links in, let's leave this for a few days and see how we get on...

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