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Getting to the top of google: pt. 20

DAY: 131

Back on track - for now!

Here's where we're at as of today, pop pickers....

> 16th my profile on brand republic (up 3 places)
> 19th my jamesvanderzee.co.uk website (up 92 places!)
> 33rd my linkedin profile (down 1 place)
> 59th my fashion industry network profile (up 5 places)
> 96th my econsultancy profile (no change)

It could be that the repetition of my profile text may be affecting things so I've made a few tweaks to my profile and "about" pages just enough (I hope) to ensure google doesn't penalize me.

Let's see if that makes any difference before looking at purchasing a global domain (as suggested by our friends at BarnesGraham) and of course getting on to generate those all-important links-in...

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