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Getting to the top of google: pt. 18

DAY: 123


What google giveth they taketh away!

The good news is that my brand republic profile is doing ok but...

Despite the recent addition of optimised imagery to the site (not to mention all my other efforts to date), one tiny discrepancy in my sitemap - one minor redirect issue - and my jamesvanderzee.co.uk site has dropped from 28th to 40th in the course of a couple of days.

Now that raises some important questions for commercial site owners. what if we were dealing with a more competitive subject set of terms, and a drop in traffic means the difference between profitability and loss?

There's an essential lesson to be learned here:

If you want google to take you seriously you MUST ensure that your on-site 'housekeeping' is in order - on a daily basis

...and as you can probably tell that's no easy task. even with a 5-page site!

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