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Getting to the top of google: pt.16

DAY: 103

I'm back!

More than 100 hundred days in and i'm back in familiar territory - in the first few pages - which means the recent google webmaster housekeeping work did its job.

Here's where we're at:

19. my brand republic profile
21. my jamesvanderzee.co.uk site
64. my jamesvanderzee.co.uk site again

...and we seem to have misplaced my www.linkedin.com/in/jamesvanderzee and www.fashionindustrynetwork.com/profile/JamesVanderzee profiles.

So what's next?

Well if you recall, i'm following best practice search engine optimisation guidelines as published by google themselves. From this list there are 2 remaining areas that require my attention:

• include & optimize images on my website.
• promote my website in the right ways.

Promotion is one for later, so let's start with the imagery!

There is of course the option to add all sorts of imagery across the site but let's start with the obvious stuff, i.e. the images i can create and name that closely relate to my target search term: "james vanderzee".

So what imagery do i have to play with?

The most obvious ones I can start with are a 172 x 131 pixel space for a 'logo' (which would sit nicely in the top left of every page) and a 616 x 87 pixel header image or 2 (which would sit at the top in the middle of each page).

These are being sorted now, and appropriately 'alt texted' up, so we'll get them onto the site shortly and see what happens.

So, until next time...

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