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Getting to the top of google: pt.14

DAY: 67

A little new year cheer!

Sadly I'm not yet first page, however my recent changes appear to have to had some positive effect on my results. i've equalled my best performance with an encouraging 17th.

Checking back on google's webmaster tools it would appear that there are still a couple of minor issues with the page urls not being 100% perfect: can you believe the trouble googlebot had differentiating betwen "Home" and "home"?

Anyway, these bugs have now been resolved (i hope) and the CMS has been set to automatically update the sitemap.xml each time it is reloaded.

I've also resubmitted the sitemap to google so let's see if today's tweaks cheer 'em up.

Once this is all good i'll be able to start looking at adding some optimized images and a doing a spot of promotion.

Ciao for now...

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