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Getting to the top of google: pt.13

DAY: 57

New year strugglings

It's been a while I know. i could say that it's all been down to the xmas / new year break and the fact that every single one of my clients has remembered they have a website but, to be fair, i did want to give google some time to index my seo content... and it has! that is of course a good thing, but it it doesn't appear to have made much of a difference to my ranking. In fact, I've dropped a place, edging taking me further away from my top 10 / page 1 objective.

So what next? well it's back to basics, and another look at google's seo starter guide...


• focus on what’s best for the visitors to my website
• use unique, accurate page titles across my website
• make good use of the description meta tags
• use “friendlier” page URLs
• make your site easy to navigate
• offer quality content and services
• write better anchor text
• use heading tags appropriately
• make effective use of robots.txt
• be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
• take advantage of web analytics services

To do:

• make use of free webmaster tools - definitely worth checking back on
• optimize use of images - I could do with some images in the first place! one for later.
• promote your website in the right ways - one for later.

First things first - a quick look at google's webmaster tools indicates a problem with what was my old home page before I renamed it. basically, on 25th December 2008 of all days, google was unable to follow www.jamesvanderzee.co.uk/home.html which could have had a detrimental effect on my indexing.

The quickest fix is to rename the current home page ("james vanderzee") back to "home" (and change "more about me" to "about james vanderzee" because I still wnat my name in the navigation) and see what difference this makes. hopefully this new blog post will help too.

Fingers crossed please!

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