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Getting to the top of google: pt.11

DAY: 25

A long-time coming...

Well i'm not yet on the first page but there has at least been some progress.

My new http://www.jamesvanderzee.co.uk/ has quickly overtaken my other efforts and is now at no. 17 of 102,000 results for "james vanderzee" on google.com.
it's safe to say that helping google to index the new james vanderzee site has had a positive effect - all pages have now been indexed, including the xml sitemap.

Thanks Barnes Graham internet marketing! but what of my other listings?

My fashion industry network profile is now at no.29 (oddly the slightly more search engine-friendly version of the same page is listed further down the list at no.37) while my brand republic profile is at no.33.

…and where is my linkedin profile? I thought linkedin was supposed to be all about web 2.0, social networking and, ultimately, search engine optimisation?

Sadly it would appear that this has all but dropped off the radar completely - I gave up looking shortly after spotting my webmarketingmusings blog in at no.161.

Time for some on-site optimisation I think!

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