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Fly on the wall marketing

How service-based businesses are starting to use twitter:

Imagine living in a world where you could informally reach out to complete strangers within seconds of them thinking about terms relevant to your business.

Assuming of course that your target audience is in fact on twitter, then being a part of twitter and using tools such as http://www.tweetdeck.com/ (among others) enable you to do just that!

Powerful stuff eh?

Only today i received an email notification from twitter letting me know that someone new was now following my tweets.

Was this someone I knew? I certainly didn't recognise the name so, being the curious chap I am, I went over to their profile to check out who this person was.

It turns out that this guy runs an adwords-qualified company and he started following me literally within seconds of posting a fairly innocuous tweet mentioning google adWords qualification.

Coincidence? I think not!

Now there is of course a balance that needs to be considered here - I certainly wouldn't recommend any of my clients overly automating this sort of "monitor and follow" strategy.

In my opinion it would prove much more effective to keep an eye out for tweets containing keywords & phrases relevant to your services and then follow (and indeed thereofre notify) those that are of interest to you.

The other side of this approach is that, in addition to those of your target market, the twitters you come across will include those of people in the same marketplace as you, i.e. your competition.

Is it a good idea to follow these guys (and gals) too?

I'd say 'why not?'. besides broadcasting what they had for breakfast they're going to be talking about things relevant to your business anyway, and how better to monitor what your competitors are doing?

This is true 'fly on the wall' marketing!

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