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Facebook gets rid of the clutter bug

Technology is continuously changing. If you don’t innovate then you could be the Palm Pre of yesterday. Who is that you ask? Well, exactly!  Facebook has been notorious for changing their look in the past like the timeline which a lot of users did not like and refused to convert their Facebook pages to the new format. Regardless of the brouhaha, Facebook changed it once and for all and everyone just had to deal with it. But I feel it was a positive change to Facebook even though it was a bit getting used to. The fact you can add cover photos gave a really nice look to your Facebook profile. Just when you thought you were finally okay with this “Timeline-gate”, Facebook changes again!

The competition is fierce and the mobile social platforms are coming out in real force, like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. So we cannot blame Facebook for wanting to be at the forefront of that race because at the end of the day it is a business. So what are the latest changes?

Clutter-free and User Focused:

Facebook decided to go for a spring clean. The feedback that Facebook got was the news feed layout was too cluttered. It was not easy for a user to navigate through to see what they cared about, for example, a friend’s wedding photos or feeds from their favourite artist. Everything was too cluttered. Facebook went back to the drawing board and gave News Feed an overhaul. Now your News Feed will be categorized into different categories like All Friends, a feed for just “Photos”, a “Music” feed for the artists you like and most importantly a “Following Feed” for  pages or people you regularly follow. So this should make a lot of people happy who had to rely on Facebook’s default setting in News Feed.

lightstand feed filters

Unifying Experience:

How annoying is it when you are unable to do things on the classic site but not on the mobile App? Facebook wanted to give its users a unifying experience and with the popularity of mobile technology, it was a sensible decision to make. So rather than change the mobile interface to work with the classic design, they took mobile as the inspiration for a seamless and unifying experience. It’s kind of like Apple’s products. You only have to start with one and then you have the whole family of products in your house!

Photos- BIGGER and better:

This time Facebook has focused on visuals as much as the design and I am glad they did. Being a very visual person, I like good quality photos that are vibrant and bursting with colour. Again, you can see the mobile inspiration coming through. Now you get to see what your friends are sharing in a more captivating way!


What does it mean to you as a business?

This update has pushed the cover photo in the limelight. Now every time someone likes your business page, it will appear more visually appealing for other people in the News Feed.

lightstand page like v2

So make sure your cover photo is eye catching and gets more people to check out your page! The optimum size for a Facebook Business page is 851 pixels wide x 315 pixels tall.

Looking around at people who have already tried the new UI (user interface), Facebook now lets up to 10 ads to be displayed which are at least three more than the old UI and as you scroll down the page at least four of them will dynamically move with the scrolling. So, some pretty interesting updates.

I’ve already signed up and waiting to try my hands on the new design. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try the new look, then you have an option of opting in to experience the new design.

Screen Shot 2013 03 08 at 12.14.22

Click here, give it a try!

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