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Cobblers and their shoes

old shoes

What is it with how accountants manage their own money, how cobblers don't seem to look after their shoes and (more closely to home) web agencies manage to have bad and often poorly-maintained websites?

As part of a wider strategy development exercise for Vie Digital, my agency, I've been gathering general input from far and wide - everyone from clients, friends and successful entrepreneurs to neighbours' cats have been welcome so far!

Well it is right here, with exciting trepidation that I find myself, staring down the barrel of Vie's very own branding 'shotgun', looking for answers to the awkward questions I'm so used to asking our clients - for example the classic 'spot the difference' between these questions...

- How do YOU think you are different to your competitors?

- How do OTHERS (clients, customers, internal stakeholders, etc.) think you are different?

More often than not they don't agree, but therein lies the value.

I'm sincerely looking forward to hearing more from the research my colleagues are currently conducting, and using this to develop our existing website into something more suitable than at least 2 respondees have described as "an online business plan"!

Watch this space...

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