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A quick guide to formatting your facebook business page


In order to attract fans on Facebook you need to ensure that your page looks professional! This guide will show your how to correctly format your Facebook profile picture and cover photo.

We have all been there, sometimes no matter how many times you play around with an image, the thumbnail never seems to look right, its either minute in size or ridiculously large.  You don’t want potential fans thinking you don’t know your way around Facebook!

Facebook recommends that profile pictures should be 200px wide, however, the height can vary up to three times the width. Facebook isn’t very clear on exactly how it generates thumbnails, however, it does crop around the edge of a picture meaning you may lose some of your picture. You can change the position of the thumbnail so that it crops a different area of your picture however,  you can’t alter the size of the thumbnail itself.

In order to prevent Facebook from cutting off important aspects of your image, ensure you create a picture that is 200px wide and allow for a 12 px border around crucial pictorial features such as a brand name or logo.

The easiest way to create a good thumbnail, is to upload a picture that is 200px by 200px. Your image will appear as a 160px by 160px however, it is always good to create the image as a 200px by 200px file so that you have enough room to create a 12px border all the way around the image, so that you know the area Facebook will cut before the image is uploaded.  Facebook asks that you upload an image that is at least 180px by 180px so ensure that you allow for the 12 pixel border around the edge of your photo.

Updating your profile picture in five simple steps:

  • Once you have the image created, you can then go to Edit page>update info

    updating your Facebook profile picture- step one

  • Select ‘profile picture’ in the vertical side bar

updating your Facebook profile picture step two

  • Click ‘Choose file’ in order to upload the image from you hard drive.

  • Once the photo has uploaded you can then ‘Edit Thumbnail’ below the picture


updating your Facebook profile picture step three


  • Make sure the essential aspects of the image are contained within the thumbnail box. When you are satisfied you can click ‘save’.

Cover photos

The displayed image of your cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels

When Facebook announced Timeline for pages they included a set of rules aimed at reducing a few ‘quick-fix’ marketing techniques. In particular, the cover photo of a Facebook page should not:

  • Include price or purchase information

  • Include contact information such as a company address or email; include contact information in the ‘About’ section

  • Include calls to axction (CTA’s)

Facebook, in other words, did not envisage the cover photo as a promotional platform.

Just like the thumbnail, if you want your cover photo looking its best, it’s a good idea to follow Facebook’s designated pixel requirements:

  • Cover photo pixel size: 851px by 315 px

  • Minimum imaged upload dimension: 720 px wide

Although Facebook forbids you to directly add your contact details or other direct messages. It has left the door open for other less direct forms of copy. You can include:

  • People’s names

  • Photographer credits

  • Image copyrights

  • Inspiring quotations

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