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8 ways your business can benefit from Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pin board which allows you to collect, organise and share all the wonderful things you find on the web.  You can craft boards around your passions, plan the perfect wedding, create your own cookery scrap book and even challenge Philippe Starck in designing the perfect home by collating every pleasing design you have encountered on your global internet journey so far.

Ways your business can benefit from Pinterest

Thanks to the ability to share your pin boards, the popularity of this social media functionality cannot be underestimated by businesses, nor people’s insatiable hunger to share with each other all the beautiful things they find.  Pinterest had 25 million unique monthly visitors in August 2012 up from 11.7 million seven months.

So far, Pinterest is proving to be a colossal internet success. “Perusing other folks’ boards, featuring everything from picturesque travel scenes to oddly beautiful bacteria, is an enjoyable as building your own,” says Time.  And you can see the attraction. Pinterest is a vigorous work-out of virtual creativity with a fantastically unique interface and it’s bags of fun.  Over 80 per cent of Pinterest users are women and businesses should consider this an influential tool when considering how to interact with women buyers.

So how can businesses exploit this new web marketing phenomenon?

Here are our top tips:

1. Use Pinterest to showcase designs and products.

A branded Pinterest account for your business gives you the opportunity to promote your designs and products to both new and existing customers. Adding Pinterest tools to your website itself will enable visitors to save your products for later and share them with other Pinterest users. 

2. Show off your products and they can be used by breaking them down in clever pictures.

For more complex product ranges, displaying your products from multiple views, in different settings or being used in different ways can help give a user a better idea of how your products may benefit a potential customer.

3. Plan for future designs by allowing users to vote for what they like, and to gauge popularity.

Use Pinterest to share those of your products currently in development as well as those already launched. The volume of shares and pins by others via Pinterest can help you gauge how interested potential customers will be even before a product is ready for sale.

4. Partner with similar brands and create style pages.

Include complementary products from preferably non-competing brands on your Pinterest page to show your products in context. For example, showing your accessories brand on models wearing clothing from another will show your customers how they might be able to work your brand into an outfit.

5. Use Pinterest to generate ‘buy later’ links and turn interest into future sales.

Not everyone will buy from your web shop on every visit (particularly their first), so encouraging visitors to Pin your products gives you an opportunity to sell to browsers at a later date. 

6. Check out other pin boards to see what’s trending.

Use Pinterest to research what is big, or looking though it's going to be big in your industry next. Pinterest is a great visual inspiration tool. Use that information to help develop your next range and ensure your products are equally hot this season!

7. Show the story ‘behind the scenes’ to encourage interaction and engagement with your customer base. It's not just about pushing product.

Create a pin board for your company to share the story behind the products: 'Pin' your brand history, how where you gathered inspiration for a new range, and detail the journey your products make - from idea to design to workshop to shop floor. 

8. Offer discount coupons through your pin boards.

Use Pinterest to seed and share promotions. From multi-buy deals to money off, a Pinned voucher code can be quickly and easily shared by your existing followers to their friends, encouraging people to redeem them via your website.

We'd love to hear what you've tried and what degree of success you've been having. Follow us on Pinterest: Vie Digital

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