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3 ways to increase fan interaction on your Facebook business page (#2)

Post 2 of 3- Optimising your Facebook page for search

Optimizing your Facebook page for Google

Google will crawl your Facebook page in the same way it crawls any other page on the web. Therefore, there are certain things you can do to ensure optimum visibility for you page:

  • Choose an appropriate name for your fan page – This may sound obvious, however, use keywords sparingly to avoid looking too spammy, your fans are unlikely to engage with you if your page title seems unnatural.
  • Create a custom fan page URL - Once your Facebook business page gains more than 25 likes, Facebook will give you the opportunity to create a vanity URL or ‘username’, as Facebook calls it. Because page URL’s are heavily weighted by Google it is important to create a URL that contains keywords. It is recommended that page URL’s contain the name of your business at the end and any specific keywords at the beginning,, this way you will attract people who don’t yet know about your business and those who do, increasing your fan interaction.
  • Use keywords in strategic locations on your fan page – The most important areas of your page to pay attention to are the ‘About’ section, company description and mission, since these are the specific areas Google will crawl for SEO purposes. There is no need to overdo it, the more natural your content, the more personable your page and your business will seem; remember, people like to interact with people!
  • Treat your company description as you would a meta description You may want to consider limiting your description on Facebook to 150-160 characters, limiting your description will ensure it gets displayed in user search results in its entirety. By creating a clear and conscise description, a limited number of characters shouldn’t compromise clarity.
  • Provide backlinks to your fan page from all your other sites- Google ranks pages highly if they  have reputable inbound links. Where appropriate, include a link to your fan page and from other digital channels such as a blog and Twiiter feed.
  • Optimize Facebook status updates- Google will crawl status updates and post ‘real time; updates in search results.  Remember, the first 18 characters of your Facebook post serve as a meta-description.

Optimizing your Facebook page for Facebook’s graph search


Facebook Graph Search


What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook graph search is Facebook’s new algorithm function. Graph search is a semantic search engine function, focusing on engagement and interaction rather than intended meaning. Graph search, aims to provide user-specific natural language queries, supporting searches for; public posts, people, pages, events, applications, groups and places. The unique attraction of Graph search lies in its ability for users to search in a multi-dimensional fashion.  
Tom Stocky of Facebook’s search team offered several examples relating to the multi-dimensional capabilities of graph search, it is now possible to search Facebook for queries, not limited to and including;  ‘which of my friends like Star Wars and Harry Potter’ and for a businesses looking to recruit; ‘NASA employees who are friends with people at Facebook’.  Graph search is a powerful search tool for brands, due to its ability to accumulate over 1 billion user’s engagement data. Graph search is still relatively new but there are things you can do now to ensure Facebook’s algorithm crawls your page effectively:

  • Make sure your page has a relevant category and sub-categories
  • Complete your ‘About’ section
  • Complete your address
  • Tag your photos
  • Provide relevant photo descriptions – Photos are a primary content category displayed in Graph Search results. Tagging photos with your page title and any location associated with that photo will draw potential fans to your page.
  • Continue creating great content – Facebook’s algorithm, Edgerank, will play a vital role in the graph search function, continuing to rank for affinity (likes), weight ( shares and comments) and recency of content . So continue to update your page with relevant content.

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